Firelock Electric Series Strings G6

Fine pure nickel winding, high density, smooth texture, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, good sound transmission performance. Rich texture and full sound quality, let everything play flexible

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    Pure Nickel Plated
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Firelock Electric Guitar Strings G Series Audition

Double Nano Antioxidant Coating

Coating thickness is about 30MIU,large area barrier 90.2% acid
Pure nickel winding, strong magnetic, high density, smooth texture and good sound transmission performance
The sound quality is bright and transparent, feel smooth, The professional choice for finger-style and stage performance.

Excellent sound is not easy to break, due to the harshness of the material

The hexagonal steel core process is more stable than the round and square steel cores
More precise plated makes the sound more delicate when playing

Synchronous winding core technology Amplitude balanced true tone

High carbon steel core can enhance string tone
Stability and excellent fracture resistance

 May cause the strings to be broken reason

The perforated edge of the strings are too sharp,Cut the strings after increasing the pulling force.

Twisting the machine head too fast and in a large momentary pulling lead to broken strings.

The nut and saddle had a deep groove clamping the strings causes them to broken.

Too few turns of the strings on the tuning machine causes the tension of the strings to increase and cannot be pulled off.

Changing the strings is not in the correct way.

Wrong direction.Repeated strings Changed and leading too metal fatigue to broken.